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[When the video feed clicks on, Nagisa can be seen happily holding up some dango. They're not just any other ordinary dango though... They're much, much cuter than that! After all, each one has a pair of eyes drawn on it. Waving them around a bit, Nagisa smiles and sings a certain song...]

Dango, dango, dango, dango! Dango Daikazoku!

[And once she finishes, she laughs sheepishly before continuing.]

Eheh... Um, hello Luceti! I made some dango, but I think I went just a little overboard and made a bit too much... [Probably an understatement.] So I thought maybe I could share the extras with you all! So... um... later on today, I'll be in the plaza giving them out, if anyone's interested! They're tasty, but more importantly, they're very, very cute!

[And as promised, later on that day, Nagisa can be found hanging around the plaza with a bag full of her dangos... She may be a little hesitant at first, but if she sees your character come by, she may try speaking up to them.]

E-excuse me!

[ooc; hey everyone! I'm sorry for my giant absence. I was away for finals and schoolwork, followed by a study abroad trip in Japan, and then followed by insane jet lag, some more schoolwork, and a destroyed RP drive. I'm finally back and kicking back into action though! I did drop all threads I had prior to leaving the country, so I'm sorry about that. If you'd like to discuss what would have happened in our threads, feel free to PM me on this journal or poke me on Plurk [ profile] peachdango. I'm happy to be back!]
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[It feels so strange to be back in Luceti. At first, when Seto found her, her memories were a little hazy and everything just felt so surreal to her. But now that she has been back for a few days, she sees it's all entirely real and, well... she's not sure how to feel about it. But there's probably nothing she can do about it anyway, so she figures the first order of business once she recovers from her illness is to reconnect with people. And so, in the afternoon, she makes use of that all-too-familiar journal.]

Um... Hello everyone, this is Nagisa Furukawa. I'm... Um... really not sure how to ask this... But... Do any of you remember me...? I was here in Luceti before, apparently well over a year ago. I actually came back a few days ago, but I got here sick so I couldn't really go out or say anything yet. I'm feeling okay now though! Seto has been taking very good care of me. But now that I'm better, I wanted to find out if any of my other friends were still here... So is there anyone...?

And to those I don't know and who don't know me, um... It's-- it's very nice to meet you all. I hope everything has been okay lately and nothing too bad has happened.

...I suppose that's all though, so... thank you for your time.

[Aaaand later on in the day, she figures walking around Luceti is probably also a good idea. Getting familiar with everything old again, and learning about all the new things and changes that have occurred in her absence.

So later in the afternoon, she can be found walking around mostly the plaza, taking occasional peeks into its shops. She makes sure to head into the bakery especially though, since getting pastries does sound like a delicious idea right about now. Especially after being bed-ridden and eating a small range of foods the past few days.]
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[Accidental Video (action for house 26)]
[Sooo house 26 may be in for a bit of a surprise today! Or well, Nagisa first, anyway. She's just cleaning up and organizing her room here and there in the early afternoon, only to find that some of her drawers are open, and some of her clothes are scattered along the floor. The strange occurrence becomes even stranger when she hears some shifting and thumping noises coming from inside her wardrobe. And when she opens it? She finds that her attire isn't the only thing in there. Instead, it's accompanied by a small and eager shiba inu, which leaps out of the dresser upon its opening, making Nagisa drop her journal onto the ground in surprise!

...whiiiich then starts recording a feed of the terribly confused Nagisa flailing around, trying to figure out why a dog just popped out of her dresser. Oh, did I mention it's wearing one of her (white) bras on its head? Yeah.

So have a video feed full of "eeeeeeh?!" "uwaaaaaah" and "BARLBARLBARL" "BARKBARKBARK"]

[Later on in the afternoon, Nagisa can be found walking about in the plaza, the very same dog from earlier following close behind. She's in search for dog food, along with any other necessary supplies for dog care, and she could use some help, maybe...! Especially considering how she (the poopy) seems to start periodically trying to beg her (the hooman) for some of the dango she's carrying in bag.

I bet you can't guess what name this pooch has been given.

Spoilers: It rhymes with Pango.]
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blah blah some mild Clannad spoilers under here )

[So after some thought, she decides to make a journal entry, asking something along those lines. She doesn't feel up to actually speaking aloud about this though. She'd just start crying, really. So instead, she writes it out.]

...Has anyone ever had to give up their own dreams for the sake of someone else?

[Moping around or not, food is kinda necessary in the house, so Nagisa can be found later around the plaza. First she'll go to the playground and sit around on the swings (though not.. actually swinging), and then she'll head on over to the grocery store and straight back home. She's a little out of it though, so she may just bump into someone. Oops.]
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[There's some shuffling heard before Nagisa speaks up as she tries to set up the journal. Yeaaah she hasn't really been using this thing much lately, seeing as how she is still sick. But today she's actually feeling a little better! And well enough to go ahead and make a post that she's been wanting to make for some time now, regarding a wonderful get well card that Fuuko made for her and had other people sign. So she'll go ahead and do that!]

Hello! Umm... [Wow I just noticed all of her entries start like this...] I wasn't feeling well enough to do so earlier, but I'm feeling a little better today so... I wanted to thank those who signed Fuu-chan's get well card for me... Both those whom I do know, and those whom I don't but would like to! It made me really, really happy! I read them all a-and... yes, thank you all very much!

[There's a small pause for her to think for a moment before she continues.] There are sure a lot of lights outside, aren't there? I can see them from my window but... I really wish I could go outside and see them up close... B-but um, anyway.. Christmas is coming up, isn't it? And my birthday is actually the day right before it -- Christmas Eve -- so I wanted to also invite my friends to join Fuu-chan and Kotomi-chan for that! It'd make me very happy to see you all and um... I-I guess that's it! S-so thank you for listening! [she feels like such an awkward turtle right now.]

...O-oh, also... Those who are going on the draft... ...Please be careful, okay..?
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[It has actually been a while since Nagisa found out the news about Tomoya's disappearance. Or rather, not-so-new news, seeing as how he's been gone for some time now. The experiment over the week of Halloween had distracted her from it--seeing as how she was under the influence of the masks and hats she picked up--but now that it was all over, it started to really bother her. Of course, she still has Fuuko and Yusuke here, and her father Akio, though she doesn't know it yet but it's still rather depressing. After all, it was just... Tomoya. He did express some distaste for being here, so at least he was comfortable at home now... but even so... Tomoya.

He did make a few friends here, didn't he? So Nagisa figures that she should probably let them know. What should she say though? She just can't come up with the words to say it. Maybe writing it will be easier, rather than saying it aloud.]

Okazaki is at home now. [And that's... about all she can manage right now.]

[Later on, Nagisa may be found out and about the village a bit. It doesn't last for very long though, seeing as how soon enough, she'll start feeling a dizzy spell come on and decide to head on home. Of course, that doesn't go over too well either, and she ends up collapsing somewhere around Community Building 3. Realizing that she doesn't have enough energy anymore to walk the rest of the way home, she'll make a voice recording. She'd make it written as well but... yeah, she doesn't even have enough energy for that.]

A-ahh... U-um... If it's not any trouble... c-could someone please help me? I-I'm... not feeling too well...

[ooc; So basically Nagisa's medical condition is going to kick in and make her sick for the next two months, until January. I don't have the heart to make it longer like it should be. 8| ...yeeep. She won't be out of her apartment much during that time, if at all. So yeah.]
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U-um, hello, Luceti!

[The video feed pretty much just shows a giant green blob shifting around a bit. After a few moments, the blob will flop off and reveal Nagisa's head. Sup guys. And now she will smile and wave innocently. There totally wasn't a giant dango plushie on her head nope.]

I know it's been a while, but I hope everyone enjoyed Lucetiland! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it very much. While there, I won a bunch of these plushies of the Big Dango Family. [She proudly holds up the stuffed Kirby look-alike again.] ..W-well, not by myself of course... I had help from a few nice people. Those games were really hard... But, um... The Big Dango is a mascot for the dango food in Japan, and I love them very, very much! Aren't they so cute?! [Hugging her beloved dango now d'aaaw.]

[Suddenly, an [ profile] starfishlovesu with a wooden ninja star starfish in hand bursts into the feed-]

--But whilst the Big Dango Family is very beauitful, don't you all agree that starfish are far cuter?! They even have their own theme song: Starfish, starfish, starfish, starfish, big starfish family--

[Nagisa interjects-] T-that's a knock-off!

[And then much arguing over the cuteness of dangos vs starfish begins. Feel free to voice your opinions, Luceti. CAST YOUR VOTES FOR THIS MOE EPIC DEBATE. Also, just a note, these posts will more than likely be joint threads with Nagisa and Fuuko. So just a heads up. Because they clearly must defend the title of cuteness for their beloved derpy things.

Also, starting at 1:43, if you'd like to see what the heck is going on and hear Fuuko's ripoff song- Here 8D]
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[It's been a while since Nagisa did her last entry (which was kind of accidental, anyway), so she struggles a bit to get this one set up. You may even hear her fumbling around with the journal and asking if it was working. Once she realizes that it actually is working, she speaks up.]

U-um, hello! [She's not completely sure how she's supposed to start these...] Um, there's this little girl that I met yesterday, and it was actually her birthday. She was really cute and she didn't have a party, so I wanted to set one up for her... S-so, would anyone be interested in attending or helping? I'm sure she would be really happy! ...Oh! Um, if any of you happen to know her, her name is Kirimi. [A pause.] I think I covered it all...

[She's about to turn off the feed when suddenly-]

--Oh! Riku! Um, I promised I'd get you dangos to let you try them, and I did so.. So I'd like to give them to you sometime! [What is filtering? She does not know. And so the feed shuts off there.]


[Later you may find her wandering around the plaza, doing pretty much nothing. Simply wandering. Shortly after she'll be on her way back to community building three. Feel free to pop up and scare her. Except not really. ...Unless you really want to, I guess.]
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[All that is being displayed in the video is the constant rocking and shaking of flora. Well, at least it seemed that way since there was so much green. There was too much shaking to actually make anything out. That lasted for a moment or two until finally it settled down and the upside-down confused face of a girl showed up on the screen.]

Well that button seemed to record my voice, but I wonder what this one does... Video, maybe...? Is it working? U-umm... [When in doubt, dango it out, right?! And so she begins to sing.] Dango, dango, dango, dango, Dango Daikaz--oh! I-is this upside down?

[She turns it around to proper orientation. Yep, it was upside down. Well that's embarrassing. She blushes a bit and gives a lighthearted smile.]

I wonder what this journal is, anyway... It is a journal, right? ...W-where am I...?

[She prayed that someone would pop up and be able to help her out and explain this all to her. That is, if other people were even here. She had just gotten over crying over it not long ago, and thinking about it was starting to upset her again. Think positive, think positive... There has to be other people here though! ...Right?]
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