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5th Dango ( ' ' ) [Voice]

[There's some shuffling heard before Nagisa speaks up as she tries to set up the journal. Yeaaah she hasn't really been using this thing much lately, seeing as how she is still sick. But today she's actually feeling a little better! And well enough to go ahead and make a post that she's been wanting to make for some time now, regarding a wonderful get well card that Fuuko made for her and had other people sign. So she'll go ahead and do that!]

Hello! Umm... [Wow I just noticed all of her entries start like this...] I wasn't feeling well enough to do so earlier, but I'm feeling a little better today so... I wanted to thank those who signed Fuu-chan's get well card for me... Both those whom I do know, and those whom I don't but would like to! It made me really, really happy! I read them all a-and... yes, thank you all very much!

[There's a small pause for her to think for a moment before she continues.] There are sure a lot of lights outside, aren't there? I can see them from my window but... I really wish I could go outside and see them up close... B-but um, anyway.. Christmas is coming up, isn't it? And my birthday is actually the day right before it -- Christmas Eve -- so I wanted to also invite my friends to join Fuu-chan and Kotomi-chan for that! It'd make me very happy to see you all and um... I-I guess that's it! S-so thank you for listening! [she feels like such an awkward turtle right now.]

...O-oh, also... Those who are going on the draft... ...Please be careful, okay..?
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So you must be Fuuko's friend?

I'm glad to hear you're doing better. She seemed really determined to get as many people as possible to pitch in and sign the card.
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Yes, that's right. was actually Fuuko who copied down the message. I got a little banged up, so I wasn't able to sign it myself at the time.

[And because maybe it's weird for strangers to sign cards for strangers here:] My name's Ginji.

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Good as new! [Or so he says.]

I figured as much, but it's still nice to be introduced directly. [A thoughtful pause.] And Christmas is a holiday celebrated later this month, isn't it? So I guess I should also be saying "happy early birthday".
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[This is good news; he wouldn't want anyone to worry.] I'm doing just fine now, but have you seen a doctor? It's been a while since Fuuko's card...that must have been something you caught.

You're welcome, Nagisa. And actually, we don't. Compared with everyone else, Auldrant doesn't seem to have many holidays at all. But it's been interesting to learn about them - first Thanksgiving and now Christmas, I guess.
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[So kind of like Ion.] ...I see. Nevertheless, I hope you manage to make a full recovery soon.

As for holidays - not really. We've got birthdays and a handful of historical anniversaries, and the turn of the year, but nothing quite like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What about you? I'm guessing your world celebrates both of them.
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What's it like having so many holidays? [It sounds neat to have lots of them, and he really liked Thanksgiving, but how do you keep them all straight?]

Do you go on pilgrimages somewhere or spend them at home with your friends and family?
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[Only some of them are interesting? So far he hasn't found them to be boring at all. Even if you just stay at home, there's something binding you all together that isn't just another mechanical project.]

They sound nice. Do you have any favorites, Nagisa?
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It's okay! /hugs.

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Yes, I've seen the lights around town. But you're saying there are other decorations used for the Christmas holiday? [He's trying to think back to anything else he's noticed lately. Candles, ribbons... Maybe some wreaths.]
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Wow, it sounds like a lot of work's involved. [Like a holiday, a festival, and a circus all rolled into one.]

We've never done anything quite like that before, not even when Ion took over as Fon Master.
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Yes, that's the best kind of work there is.

[How to explain...] Our world's religious leader, I guess you could say.